Fight Pass Macao

Anyone having trouble watching the replay? What's the point of having the Damm thing if you can t watch these ones back? Phone Post 3.0

The whole damn thing is down for me. Cant watch the main card or the prelims. Tried to watch just a random fight that was available on fight pass since the beginning... nothing! The whole damn thing is down. And OF COURSE, Underground Blog posted the main event spoiler right in the thread title. Thanks buddy! Clusterfuck supreme!

Stream was terrible quality. It's not my internet, it's UFC.

Yeah I think I'm cancelling. Come back in 6 months when you are ready UFC Phone Post 3.0

Yea my video quality was like an illegal stream Phone Post 3.0

So it's their bandwidth.... I have a 50mb connection and it won't load any fights in any quality.

NYjojo - Stream was terrible quality. It's not my internet, it's UFC.

Are you sure? My stream was HD and never lagged or anything during the broadcast.

Definitely not working on my end at any capacity.

You watched it live, Zebers? Can you watch it right now in Fight Pass?

Weird, as soon as I posted that message, the video kicked in...

I had HD quality all day long

Tbid, me too. After half an hour of trying with no results, it suddenly started at a reasonably high quality. Database problem?

I had watched the main card live and I watched the prelims immediately after with no problems. Although after posting in this thread I tried watching and the video was down for a few mins it seemed but both are working fine currently.