Does anyone know when it will be available ?? Fightpass has been on Xbox for more than a year already. What's the hold up with PlayStation ? Phone Post 3.0

Someone mentioned in a thread here before they emailed or tweeted them and they acted as though a PS4 app was no longer in the works, which is bullshit. Sorry , been awhile or I would attempt to bump the thread . I use a little $100 chromeOS box from HP (no idea what its called). 

I made that thread I think.

Basically emailed me saying nothing is in the works and check their page for supported devices.

Fucking useless. Phone Post 3.0

They must be idiots. I don't think they know how many more ps4's have sold vs xbox ones. They still going by last generation consoles thinking that there are more xbox owners than ps4's.

Someone needs to inform these clueless fight pass idiots on the sale statistics of the next gen consoles Phone Post 3.0

Chromecast is like $30 and works great Phone Post 3.0

So dumb. I've been waiting for a PS4 app for so long and they're not even working on something?????! PS3 has it, I don't understand.

Stupid Sony.

Makes me glad Pokemon Go/Nintendo is crushing them right now. Phone Post 3.0

You can watch UFC cards via the Live Event viewer on PS4 I'm sure everyone knows but no Fight Pass. This directed towards the post above me , is there a fight pass app on ps3?

Psn and zuffa need to get there shit together and make it happen. Phone Post 3.0

TexDeuce - Chromecast is like $30 and works great Phone Post 3.0

Highly recommended.

Yeah there's an app on the PS3. Check it out Phone Post 3.0

It's ridiculous PS4 doesn't have a Fight Pass app.

Hopefully the new management will remedy that. Phone Post 3.0

I think it's more of an issue with Sony than Fight Pass. EA access has been available for like 2 years on xbox, while Sony says they don't think having it would present a value to their fans. Microsoft has also said it's ready and willing for cross platform gaming, Sony will not comment. For the record I have a ps4.