Fight Pass to start streaming Pancrase in Oct

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                                Fight Pass to start streaming Pancrase in Oct

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                    <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">UFC Fight Pass</a> library began with a selection of events from the UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce, the WFA, and Invicta FC. Then it<a href=";gid=449509" target="_blank"> acquired many of the best historical libraries in the sport&#39;s history</a>, including Cage Rage, Extreme Challenge, XFO, UCMMA, HOOKnSHOOT, TKO, King of the Cage, and Pancrase.</p>

The live streaming of events was announced, including Invicta FC, Shooto Brazil, and Titan FC. September alone will see Invicta FC 14, Titan FC 35, Shooto Brazil 57, Eurasia Fight Nights, plus UFC 191 prelims, and UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan

Now the roster of live events extends further, starting in October.

“Our foundation is going to be rooted in live, streaming events,” UFC Fight Pass Senior Vice President and General Manager Eric Winter recently told John Morgan for MMAjunkie. “Our customers have an expectation that we deliver supremely gifted product, both on the content side and on the technological side.”

In July, Winter – a former Yahoo! Sports executive – was added to the UFC staff. He recently told MMAjunkie that original programming, such as “The 3rd Degree with Kyra Gracie,” which debuted this week, will be a big focus for the UFC Fight Pass team but that live events will always remain a cornerstone for the growing brand.

“Fight Pass is just going to compliment all of our traditional offerings,” Winter said. “We’re going to keep working to better improve technology, our live-event programming and continually coming up with kick ass original content.”

Pancrase held its first event  some two months BEFORE UFC 1, and has held some 300 events since, featuring some of the top talent in the sport.

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This is terrific. I can't wait to watch good versions of the Pancrase: Road to the Championship and KOP Tournament events from 94.