FIGHT PLANET now open!!!

Are you a hardcore MMA fan?
Ever wish you could try on the new Brazilian gi before you ordered it up on the Internet?
Need the best quality gear for your current MMA training?
How about a new rash guard or shorts for those No-Gi classes?

If you live in Ontario, come check out our new MMA/GRAPPLING PRO SHOP. Where you can find anything you want in MMA/Grappling.

The Fight Planet stocks the top brands in mixed martial arts/grappling. Avoid the hassle of ordering online and guessing sizes. Come on down, check out your gear BEFORE you buy it.

FIGHT PLANET is located at 538 Upper Sherman Unit-A, just off of Fennel Avenue on the Hamilton Mountain. (Beside the famous Chicago style Pizza)

We sell: TAPOUT, sinister, KEIKO RACA, Bad Boy, Pound4pound,OTM,THROWDOWN,no-gi, XYIENCE, punishment athletics, GAMENESS,WAND, Gracie Magazines and books and much more!!!

Fight Planet:905-385-7111
Website( coming soon!

I'm on my way right now.

Literally arriving in a few minutes, since its my lunch hour.



i love my pound4pound rash guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Ric!

I just left as it's only minutes from my work.

Very clean, parking out front, lots of selection on t-shirt's, tanks, jersey's, rash guards, belts, shorts, video's/dvd's, hats, gloves, toque's, even a nice washroom.

This place is located right beside the Chicago Style Pizza, between Concession and Fennell.

Check it out for sure.


congrats Rick

Proud to say I was their first Interact purchase.

2 Tapout's t-shirts for my brothers. (wannabe's/MMA Fans)

Congrats yea pound for pound rashguards feel really good

congrats rick!!! i'll be sure to check it out (at some point)!


When I first tried on the Pound4Pound rashguard, I realized that the empty feeling that I've felt all my life was gone and the void was finally filled. Seriously,,,they are amazing and they look great.







Congrats Ricardo!!!