Fight record error

 I just came across this error when checking to see if my record was up to date on here. I'm listed twice on this site with 2 different records. Both links are me, how can I get this consolidated so I only have one listing.

My record should read as 2-2 I just fought last month on 5/15/10 , I understand that this recent fight may not have been updated so the record should read 2-1. Hopefully I am posting this in the right forum and one of the moderators or such on the site can help me out.   

cool story bro

fastest armbar ever?

 Lol , yeh I don't know why the time wasn't recorded I think it was like 2 1/2 mins in the 2nd round tho.

i have the EXACT same thing going on. keep getting told its gonna get fixed and never does.

You should fight yourself, and see which record gets the win.

 Will be cleared up shortly

I've e mailed Kirik a few times as well as others here at to get my record changed and nothing happens. I am listed as 0-0 here. My record is 13-4, however, nothing but a video of me fighting Melvin comes up.

My record used to be correct here, then, out of nowhere, nothing?

 They had my first two fights that were ammy fights listed as pro fights, sent an email and no longer are they listed as pro fights. They will get things fixed