Fight Shorts

I'm looking for a new pair of fight shorts. I want a pair that is cut a bit shorter than normal, more like kickboxing trunks, but durable enough to grapple in.

Any recommendations?


From what I've read, those are cut like regular MMA trunks (Knee length, or slightly below). I'm looking for something cut like kickboxing trunks, not necessarily made of the same material.



RVCA makes some cool training shorts nowadays.

Jaco is good. Have three pair.

From what you described...Jaco. Hands down some of the best shorts I've owned...

I'm also a huge Nogi fan...the ones that you would like from the description would be the Nogi Vitor Belfort shorts...I have the black ones and love them...they have a deep split on the side of the legs and the length is nice too at about an inch above the knee...

Awesome. Thanks guys.