Fight Songs...

Guys....I need help....I looking for Fight Songs or Entrance music that is upbeat...Modern Rock or Hip-Hop..No 80's hair bands please...



Slayer- Seasons in the the Abyss

Black Sabbath- Iron Man

Rammestein- Du Reight So Gut

Alice in chains- Rooster

Sepultura- Ratamahata(sp?)

Fight Song- Marilyn Manson
Disturbed- Down With The Sickness
M.O.P.- How about some Hardcore
Onyx- Slam Harder
DMX-Get at me dog

WE RIGHT HERE- DMX, best fucking fight song EVER!




Hey Zayex....That was pretty cool...Is that your band??

2Pac- Hit em up , Megadeth- killing is my buisness...and buisness is good, Tool- hooker with a penis. All excellent songs.

Lately I walk out to Slipknot-Wait And Bleed,it seems to work so far

Here comes the pain - Slayer

A few suggestions:

Darkseed - "I Deny You"

Testament - "D.N.R. - Do Not Resucitate"

Lizzy Borden - "There Will Be Blood Tonight"

Danzig - "Mother"

Alice Cooper - "Triggerman"

Amorphis - "Black Embrace"

Anthrax - "I Am The Law"

Beautiful Creatures - "1 A.M."

Beautiful Creatures - "I Got It All"

Borknagar - "Gods Of My World"

Bruce Dickinson - "Killing Floor"

Children of Bodom - "Children of Decadence"

Corrosion of Conformity - "Diablo Blvd."

Cradle of Filth - "For Those Who Died"

Danzig - "Long Way Back From Hell"

Dark Tranquility - "Punish My Heaven"

Death - "Choke On It"

Dimmu Borgir - "Hybrid Stigmata - The Apostasy"

Down - "The Man Who Follows Hell"

Halford - "Locked and Loaded"

Hammerfall - "Let The Hammer Fall"

Helloween - "Perfect Gentleman"

Iced Earth - "Angels Holocaust"

Iced Earth - "Burning Times"

Iced Earth - "Depths of Hell"

Iced Earth - "Pure Evil"

Iced Earth - "Vengeance Is Mine"

In Flames - "Pinball Map"

Iron Maiden - "Die With Your Boots On"

Iron Maiden - "Fear Of The Dark"

Iron Maiden - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

Iron Maiden - "The Number Of The Beast"

Iron Maiden - "The Wickerman"

Iron Maiden - "Paschendale"

Iron Maiden - "Brave New World"

Iron Maiden - "The Trooper"

Iron Maiden - "Where Eagles Dare"

Iron Maiden - "Two Minutes To Midnight"

Judas Priest - "Breaking The Law"

Judas Priest - "Painkiller"

Judas Priest - "Nightcrawler"

Judas Priest - "One Shot At Glory"

Kamelot - "Alexandria"

Katatonia - "Murder"

King Diamond - "A Dangerous Meeting"

Kix - "Blow My Fuse"

Lacuna Coil - "Reverie"

Life Of Agony - "Underground"

Manowar - "Kings of Metal"

Megadeth - "Disconnect"

Megadeth - "Symphony of Destruction"

Metallica - "Creeping Death"

Metallica - "Fight Fire With Fire"

Metallica - "The Four Horsemen"

Metallica - "Whiplash"

Motley Crue - "Kickstart My Heart"

Motley Crue - "Wildside"

Motley Crue - "Take Me To The Top"

Motley Crue - "Live Wire"

Motley Crue - "Shout At The Devil"

My Dying Bride - "For My Fallen Angel"

My Dying Bride - "For You"

My Dying Bride - "God Is Alone"

Nevermore - "Evolution-169"

Nile - "Ramses Bringer of War"

Nocturnal Rites - "Destiny Calls"

Nocturnal Rites - "The Iron Force"

Nocturnal Rites - "Unholy Powers (Night of the Witch)"

Nuclear Assault - "Game Over"

Opeth - "Bleak"

Ozzy - "The Ultimate Sin"

Ozzy - "Shot In The Dark"

Ozzy - "Killer of Giants"

Pantera - "Fucking Hostile"

Pantera - "Cemetary Gates"

Paradise Lost - "Angel Tears"

Saliva - "Always"

Savatage - "By The Grace Of The Witch"

Savatage - "Scream Murder"

Sentenced - "Dead Moon Rising"

Sentenced - "Bleed"

Sentenced - "Killing Me, Killing You"

Sentenced - "No More Beating As One"

Sentenced - "The Suicider"

Sepultura - "Refuse/Resist"

Slayer - "Dead Skin Mask"

Slayer - "War Ensemble"

Suicidal Tendencies - "Trip At The Brain"

Suicidal Tendencies - "No "Fuck'n Problem"

Suicidal Tendencies - "You Can't Bring Me Down"

W.A.S.P. - "I Wanna Be Somebody"

Pantera - I'm Broken

Throwdown - Get Sick

Eric B & Rakim - Follow the Leader

lol @ that list... he said no 80s metal

i would suggest World War III by KMFDM

Elton John- Circle of Life


Elton John- This Train Don't Stop

those are SOOOOOO fuckin gangsta.

"i would suggest World War III by KMFDM "

i'd go with "Flesh" or "Brute"

or Hero, by Ministry

War, by Wumpscut

Death Time, by Converter

whats that song from eminem bobsappfan?


I have such a cool entrance-song... it's by a swedish streetpunk/ rockband called dropkick murphies and it goes " It doesn't take a big man to knock somebody dooowwwwnnn
just a little courage, to lift them off the groouuuunnnndd..." :-) I like 50's poppin' them thangs also

lol @ that list... he said no 80s metalI believe he said not 80's hair metal, actually.