Fight STL Positions Available

Fight STL (details here) is under development, but we are staffing for what I anticipate will be a 4th quarter launch.

If you live in the St. Louis area and are interested in a paid, part-time journalism position, please contact me at  At this point I am assessing interest, so there's no need to provide personal information.

Current positions and description listed below. Please keep this thread bumped.  Thanks in advance!

Staff Writer - The most qualified candidate will be proficient in the following:

  • building contacts to maintain a steady flow of news, (eg promoters, the local legislatures, fighters)
  • interviewing people under a range of very different circumstances - including, but not limited to fight schools located in unsafe areas, fight events in the St. Louis or surrounding area, professional and amateur boxing, professional (in IL) and amateur MMA
  • reporting on up-coming events of interest to the community
  • attending press conferences
  • possibly attending local and council meetings and magistrates' court proceedings as they pertain to MMA's legalization
  • recording interviews and meetings using telephone in-line or hand-held recording equipment
  • producing final copy at deadline in accord with your agreed upon output (eg, 2 articles per week, etc.)
  • writing 'fillers' or entertaining editorials
  • upholding a strictly professional demeanor at all times
  • ttt

    Merril-Do you know any details about the fights that went on in South County last night?

    TTT for some good MO writers

    Lord, not yet.

    Very cool... If I could only spel...:)

    Good luck !!!!!

    "writing 'fillers' or entertaining editorials"

    hmmmm...Over the Internet people required?

    EM - right now I need locals who can pound the pavement and get the story.  But I'll save a special place for you to create parody photos.  :-)


    Actually, Evil - I need to talk with you about something.  Did you make the logo for the Carson show? 

    Yeah just a quick romoshop...just trying to get them to fix up there page...I don't think they like it though...:)

    please email me.


    This will be a very good project.

    Thanks, Elias.  I hope so.


    I grew up in STL so I support this. MMA has been slow to develop there (from what I've seen) until pretty recently.