Fighter contact info needed

Just added a new feature to

The top 10 "prospects" in MMA, (more specifically, the top 10 guys 155-265 pounds who have never been in Pride or UFC).

The list is loaded with Canadians, and I'm providing e-mail info in case someone wishes to contact them and sign them.

To be precise, I need the e-mail info for Jason MacDonald and Joe Doerksen.


rude22, thanks for the support. Hopefully with support like this I will get a chance to prove my ability at the next level.

phone 403-346-0809

tops for 'the athlete'.

in paranthesis because it is his nick name not becuase i'm being sarcastic.

I believe Joe Doerksen is represented by Monte Cox so he can be contacted as well.

Kelly Cranston?? WT?? :)

Thanks guys.

It's my wife's account, mine will not work properly.


Fair question. I noticed that myself and looked into it. The thing was, some of Mahood's opponents had somewhat unsucessful records.

The stats rank is essentially a "score".
You get a lot of points if you beat someone with a good record, and you only get a few points if you beat someone with a poor record.

As an example, (and I have nothing against these guys);

Kevin Dolan is one of Bill's victories. Dolan is 0-6 so gets Mahood very few points for the win.

Bill also drew with Cam Brown whose profile is otherwise 2-3.

I acknowledge that Bill recently beat MacDonald, and that's certainly accounted for, but the rank scores everyone's last 6 outings as an overall profile.

All that said, I just found a win for Jeremiah Futch. That will push Bill up, so we'll see come next update, (hint hint).

Isn't it great to see all these Canadians doing well?
Also bubbling under that top 10 is Steve Vigneault, Blake Frederickson, Stephan Potvin...

rude22 are you taking in acct amateur fights or just pro?


Just pro Chad


Mahood has now secured the 10 spot.

Anyone know his e-mail contact info?