Fighter continues after match is stopped

Ref gets it too. This is some of the worst shit I've seen. Phone Post 3.0


Thank you Phone Post 3.0

That's horrible and uncalled for. Hopefully he was dq and fined heavily and maybe not allowed to fight again Phone Post 3.0

That was terrible sportsmanship Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

He should be banned from the sport for life.

Fuck that guy, jeez.

Honestly should be put in jail for this. Opponent could have been seriously injured, theres a reason fights are stopped. Or put him in the ring with Cain. Same to me Phone Post 3.0

What a classless pos, you already KOd the dude there's nothing left to prove. Phone Post 3.0

DQed, fined and suspended imo.

I'm calling fake. He's pulling every one of those shots.

Looks as bout as real a Pride fight was.

But seriously, does look fake.

Fake video is fake. Phone Post 3.0

That first hit when he's already down is really clean. All the respect in the world if he took that for a fake video Phone Post 3.0

I don't know. Looks pretty fake Phone Post 3.0

Total Price of shit

If it was real the opponents corner would have soccer kicked him off their boy. Phone Post 3.0

Not fake. This took place at Grachan 5 on November 7, 2010.

Jung Hyun Lee vs. Takeo "Cerberus Take" Shiina. 

Shiina is the piece of shit assaulting the the ref and the opponent. He hasn't fought since.

It's fake and real 100%. The fight was fake but the aftermath was real Phone Post 3.0

TREMENDO CULO!! Phone Post 3.0