Fighter Dies in Vegas after bout

I run a small website,, which let's me get into most of the
fights around here (Vegas) and stay close to things.

Last night, the main event was two guys, a Russian named Nugaev (13
-4) and Martin Sanchez (13-8). The fight was rough, but nothing
extraordinary. Nugaev won by TKO and Sanchez walked away.

Apparently, after the fight, Sanchez passed out and didn't regain
consciousness. The doctors worked on him, but couldn't solve the
problem. He died in the morning.

So, here's where I'm flipping out a bit. Essentially, I just watched a guy
get killed. Not only that, I was ringside taking pictures of the whole
deal. So, I was zoomed in on his face the whole time. I know that
fighters die every year, but its unsettling to see it so close.

RIP Martin Sanchez.

On a more positive note, Ruben Contreras has been progressing. Hopefully, he will be walking and talking in the future. He is the young man who was injured after a bout with Brian Viloria in Los Angeles on May 28th.

Viloria hurt someone badly? i hadn't heard that