Fighter Dropped with 2wk to event


My fighter dropped with 2 weeks til the event, promoter says he is still looking for a opponent. This is a ammy fight with it being my second fight. So what am I getting, I figure 1 of 2 options,

  1. Last minute good replacement , someone already in shape with 4-5 fights doing a favor for promoter

  2. "Sure I will do it" someone first fight, out of shape 155 or someone that wants to try out MMA.

Thoughts, Witch way do you think this will go?

Fight whoever shows up...

Yeah...there is option 3...but I am hoping it doesnt go that route.

There is a 33.3% chance of any of those three options happening so it's tough to say.

since it is amateur it may be harder for you to get an opponent because you guys don't get paid so there is less incentive for someone to take the fight short notice.

where is the fight...?

yeah where at

  1. you will get a replacment fighter who has 3x the number of fights and you'll be called a bitch if you don't take it.