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Reggie Cardeil from San Diego was just on ESPN in the Finals of the World Series of Poker.

He took 6th place and won $63,000 probably more then any fight he has had. It was classic as he was wearing a TAPOUT shirt and everytime he lost a close hand he would motion an elbow it was funny!

Congrats to Reggie


What's his record. I tried looking him up on Sherdogs when I saw the show, but couldn't find him.

I saw that when he lost a big hand, he motioned his elbow forward as if to

He lost to the Cannon last year and promised to jump
off a bridge, didn't he?

He lost to Cannon in a Mexico show that I was present at after talking lots of trash her on the UG about Cannon being a nobody.

Since then he has got more serious about his training and won his last two KOTC fights by KO and Submission

I would Love to enter one of those Poker Tournaments it is hard to get to the Final Table.

He is SDCARTEL on the UG I think?

Good on Reggie, congrats bro.

the rev

He posts as wrecker, he's a good dude. Go to's
database, they have his fights listed.