Fighter Instructionals: S Sherk?


Fighters not being able to make enough revenue at times in there careers, do you think Fighter Instructionals would be a way to do it? Either by them doing themselves or getting a sponser to consider doing them for a cut in profits. Heck even Fight promotions like UFC could back em make a percentage of the funds and help give them 1 stream of passive income.

Passive incomes like that I'd imagine would help fighters be able to keep going in the fight game.
Maybe even atheletic sponsers of gear could give them a small passive income to them if they help market there gear/product. Any other ideas you folks have to help our fighters?

Never have to many instructionals from top tier fighters like S Sherk, Horn, Fedor, Nog etc.. who have proven their game!!


"Sean Sherk's Double Leg Takedown" -- I'd buy that video if it were made.

I would think that an instructional on conditioning from Sean
would be well received, too. I'd buy it.

I also would think that top level fighters like Sean would be in
demand for seminars and could make at least a bit of money
that way, too, if they could fit it into their schedules and it
didn't interfere with their own training.




Ground n pound is more that just sitting in someones gaurd and hitting them, Theres balance and positioning and such, so yes a ground n pound instructional could be used

For sure a conditioning instructional for MMA by Sherk would rock. The only one out there that has real noteriety(sp?) would be Bas's stuff.

"Sean Sherk's Double Leg Takedown" -- I'd buy that video if it were made. "

Yeah no shit. "How to shoot so hard on a guy you tear him in fucking half" by Sean Sherk.

Sherk has the best low single in MMA has well,ive seen him ankle pick people from 10 feet away.

I like dudleys comment. Alot of people in MMA who aren't Wrestlers (no offense to non-wrestlers, just from what I've seen) seem to think the double leg is the only takedown sufficient for MMA fighting. The low single and ankle pick are incredibly effective and high percentage takedowns. Pull someones head down in the clinch, and when they're expecting a knee you ankle pick them to the ground. It's a beautiful thing. I also think these two takedowns are a little easier to stay out of someones guard with. I havent seen too many Sean Sherk fights but if he's sick with the ankle pick and low single he should definitely make an instructional.

Sherk used to go for low singles alot more,i think he likes slaming people and the reaction he gets from the crowd when he does it-thats why he uses the double more recently perhaps?



Id gladly purchase any training material from Sherk, He's an awsome fighter and always in excellent shape. The guy train like 6 hrs a day and 6 days a week.

TTT for Sherk.

TTT, sherk stuff would be great

ttt for Sherk to get his bread!


Sherk was good to watch, would of like to see him fight BJ or Matt Serra, Did he? only seen a couple of his fights, would like to see some instructionals.

TTT hopefully Sean will see this post!


ttt for the muscle shark...damn it zuffa...bring back sherk...and yes instructionals by sherk would be great!