fighter looking to move

im am a 150 to 160 lbs good grapler iwon bronze in the 03 GAgames in boxing, strong kicker. very stong for my wieght played collage football so im a good athlete love my trainer now Muhsun Corbbrey very much and he will all ways be my maneger but im just sick of hilton head SC

you played college football at 150? were you the kicker, or the holder?

LOl at Kbeezy--

But goodluck in any event

no actually i was 190 then but pulled off about 20 lbs and walk around at 175

What's wrong with Hilton Head?

I'd guess the nearby Marines.

come see us in new orleans, we have fights every friday 504-888-6451


hey how far is hilton head from ft stewart, i'm moving there in june.