Fighter Needed Short Notice


"Don't worry, it's just some guy...

Tito ortiz"

He IS 0-1 in boxing isn't he?


ttt...Somebody find this dude a fight

here's some of what I have on my Southern Fight'n Guys list

Josh Austin out of Huntsville - fights for John Sturgis - 2-0

Billy Holmes out of Dothan Combatives 0-0

Gregg Jeffcoat out of Spartan Fitness 4-0

Dymond Jones out of Knuckle Up 2-0

Ryan McDonald out of Ivey's Camp in TN 1-0

Matt Michaelis out of Atlanta - sorry no camp listed 1-0

Josh Nunley out of Huntsville - trained by John Sturgis

Paul Passmore out of GA?? sorry no more info

Jimmy Rice out of Huntsville - also Sturgis - 2-0

Glen Shoe out of Albany, GA - 0-1

Milton Sistrunk - out of Huntsville - ??

Try these Trainers - know they have lots of guys that come to fight. 

Mark Bailey - WSO - Lawrenceville, GA -

John Sturgis out of Huntsville (256) 348-9339

Johnathan Ivey out of TN -

hope this helps - Sally