Fighter of the Year 2006 (poll)

My vote - GSP

Honorable mentions - Cro Cop, Anderson Silva

GSP or Akiyama

GSP or Georges St. Pierre or maybe "Rush"

Anderson Silva

GSP looked less-than-stellar vs. BJ.

CroCop has murdered people all year long, so I'd have to give him the nod. Though Fedor will beat him once again.

GSP for sure...honorable mentions for Crocop, Chuck, A Silva, Filho, and maybe Diego.

GSP or A.Silva , both had good yrs. Both of those guy's , because they rather easily got nice new , shiney belt's .

Wes Simms hands down.

Mike Kyle

Mirko easily, as much as I like GSP.

Yes , Kyle did have a great year !! I change my vote , Mike Kyle for fighter of the year !!!!!



  1. Crocop - 3 good wins in the grand prix the Minowa win doesnt do much for his case. Think hes the clear winner unless the new years fight with Hunt is considered to have taken place this year.

  2. Anderson Silva - Dominated Okami in ROTR even though dqed. Came back to viciously ko Fryklund, Leben, and Franklin all in impressive fashion.

  3. GSP - Razor close win over BJ and unreal performance against Matt Hughes.

EY, Akiyama?


Luke Cummo

Cro Cop



Dunno GSP has only fought twice this year, though both were impresive performances.

Cro-Cop has won 4 this year but at least 2 were vs middleweights so, I'm not sure how much we can count those.

Anderson Silva has won 3 this year but has that DQ vs Yushin Okami tarishing his 2006, so I'm not convinced there either...

Frankly the only logical choice is to give it to Tim Sylvia.....