Fighter Pay

I have a question about fighter pay. My cousin is about to go into the NFL and he's talking about after he's in the NFL for 3yrs. are something he gets a check from the NFL for the rest of his life are something like that I wasn't really listening. But to fighters pays. Do you think the guys fighting MMA are getting a fair paycheck? Isn't it about time MMA guys i.e. UFC fighter start getting the same kind of pay check pro boxers get? I was listening to WhoopAss Radio, and I'm not going to quote anybody but there where two fighters on the program that both lead me to think that MMA fighters are pulling a some what shady pay check. I just wanted to get someone else's opinion. I not a business major are anything but I would like to know if I buy a pay per view that I'm putting more money in the fighters hand then I'm the guys that walk around wearing suits. You know what I mean. And if I'm not posting this on the right forum let me know because I really want to know what people think.

Rule #1

1) Do not get into fighting for the money

2) Do not get into fighting for the money

Get my point?

Yea get in it for the right reasons. Honor, dignity, and making promoters rich. Gary Myers

yea that's cool and everything. But a fighters got to eat. I want to know why MMA fighters cant pull a pay check anywhere near a boxer. And is the UFC/Promoters even trying to take care of the fighters?

you use of "are" is awful....

Largely, fighter pay is a matter of economics. For example, a small show cannot afford to pay a fighter what a large show can pay.

In 3 pro fights last night, I estimate that I paid out more than 25% of the profit of my show. This was after a large financial risk in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Let me also frame it this way: All of the pros made more money last night than I did on my first fight promotion.

In the words of KRS 1: 

Lesson three, might be contradictory or funny
but MC's Fighters should have OTHER WAYS of gettin’ money

The thing is that if someone wants to fight as a career to actually make money and be successful you have to treat it like a job and forget alot of the macho crap. Just figuring youll fight anybody and whoop their ass isnt likely to get you very far unless you happen to have a fantastically effective style.

Taking the right fights at the right time, getting paid more and more each time you fight, having a good group of training partners in your size and skill range as well as coaches who are much, much better in their areas of expertise and showing up to every fight prepared and healthy are MUSTS but I'd go as far as to say MOST guys starting out dont do all 4.

Well you can't expect MMA to have a pension plan like they do in the NFL and NBA. Not even BOXING has a pension plan.

In the NBA, I believe you need to spend 4 years in the league. Then you get pension for the rest of your life, but you don't start receiving it until a long time after you retire.