fighter physiologies

"Let me know if you actually have questions regarding training performance enhancement."

If you think this line of questioning is out of line for this forum, then I apologize for being offtopic. I respect your opinion, and was merely looking for an explanation on your point of view. I think its a legitimate question to ask how the things already mentioned might affect a person. For example, I know that a light year means the distance light travels in a year. This has nothing to do with any career I might plan on pursuing. But I don't feel that I wasted my time learning this. I think even if you never come into conflict with a person with those influences, your not worse off for knowing how they react.

Aged 19, wrestled 3 years in high school, been member of a boxing club for about two years, and other then that practice with a group of friends for lack of cash.

I did catch that. I thought his comment was more towards to original topic of the thread, but I can see the relation.

I am a civilian, and have any information I collect here would be for personal protection or informational purposes. Be that as it may, how do I define my danger zone? Should I limit myself to what I consider the threats withen that zone? An exec. protection agent has a lot different responsibilities than a corrections officer, and each should be better skilled in different areas. Does that mean that they should totally ignore the others skill set? If I am attacked randomly by a person under the influence, and am unaware of how that affects them, because I didn't consider them a threat, how affective was my training?

Another Tony Blaur quote I find appropriate is "are you training for your next fight, or your last fight?"
Thanks for taking the time to answer the question.

Hi Scott, this is in response to a thread on the Mental Edge Q&A entitles Kombat Ki. I did not mean any offense, I just thought since you were a regular poster there you would respond. My question is how you train for a opponent who has outside influences on his mental or physical state. A better example would be someone on a drug like PCP. While I have no current problems with someone who uses that drug, I have seen people under the influence of it, and it is scary.

Do you think it is a legitimate question to ask how someone under that kind of influence might fight differently?