Fighter Safety, i.e. Hat Stealing Craze

I always thought it was kind of funny how fighter's hats were getting taken. After seeing the GIFs in the thread about Swick's hat and seeing just how close the fans are to the fighters as they enter, I'd suggest that it's only a matter of time before a fighter get accidentally poked in the eye with an effect on his performance.

It's beyond me how amateur it looks to have the fans completely groping Randy Couture as he enters the arena. What is going to be done about this?


Can't even trust the refs.

Droppin Loads On Your Face Son - nothing will be done until something happens

I think that the security that escorts them out to the ring just need to do a better job.

An article I wrote about the issue a year ago:

Behind the curtain, away from the cameras and crowd, fighters ready themselves for combat in ways the audience at home rarely pays notice to even when catching brief glimpses of the procedures involved. Hands are carefully taped, then inspected by athletic commission officials, with padded gloves applied soon thereafter to further reduce the damage each individual dishes and takes. Specially crafted mouthpieces (and far less glamorous cups) are put in place. Before even being considered for action athletes undergo medical testing to detect illness, injury, and the possibility of drug use. Ringside doctors sit poised to offer medical opinions and provide care if needed. Referees are taught to keep things entertaining without ever losing sight of the most important aspect to each specific bout; without ever forgetting why all of the aforementioned measures are put in place.

Fighter safety.

The notion of stressing the importance of health in a line of work where success is dictated through knockouts and submissions seems silly to some, but in reality the concept couldn’t be more important to the recent ascension of the very endeavor that has you clicking on this website. The regulations put in place by Dana White and company to eliminate the original “anything goes” format of the UFC helped legitimize the sport and do away with the general perception the Octagon is little more than home to a caged bar-fight. In reality, MMA owes its current existence to “fighter safety”. And yet, while watching UFC 105 this past weekend, I witnessed two incidents related to the same unnecessary risk every Zuffa athlete takes when they walk down the ramp en route to the Octagon, and I couldn’t help but question how safe things really are in the world’s foremost MMA promotion.

In case you didn’t notice, fans at the event were able to reach out over the railing and remove Mike Swick’s hat as he prepared to compete in the most important match of his career. The same was done to headliner Randy Couture as he walked down to the cage, while also having his towel taken, shirt tugged, and a receiving an overly friendly pat on the head or two. I would love to say the situation was limited to a particularly rowdy crowd in Manchester or was isolated to the one show. Unfortunately, it is the third card where I remember a person in the audience acting inappropriately towards an entering fighter. Kenny Florian’s hat was pulled off before his bout with BJ Penn, and the UFC Lightweight Champion himself was kissed on the cheek by a man during his entrance for his UFC 94 rematch with Georges St. Pierre. The examples may sound ridiculous but in truth they point out a potentially dangerous problem that is no laughing matter.

Don’t get me wrong. One of the wonderful things about MMA is the accessibility of its participants. You will often find fairly recognizable fighters at local events in support of teammates, and the sport in general, who are happy to take a picture with you, shake your hand, and possibly even exchange an anecdote or two. You can often meet them at after-event parties and openly approach them at weigh-ins or press conferences. You can exchange messages with them on Twitter and will often catch them offering their thoughts on internet forums alongside everyday posters. Without a doubt, the camaraderie Mixed Martial Artists share with their supporters is a sacred bond. And...

I watched that video.. i LOL'd at Randy getting raped. There should be some space there somewhere right? That just seems way to close and not safe at all. I also Lol'd at the mike swick one, i think he was really pissed about that .


Bringing back the ramp isn't a bad idea.

Carry them in on platforms carried by 12 hot models.

Egypt did alot of things right.

Or just wear mousetrap hats!  

Wider walk out entrances or bring back the fucking ramp.


JerseyJoeJitsu - Wider walk out entrances or bring back the fucking ramp.


Yeah it needs to happen.

In that video posted showing fighters hats being taken some cunt put her hand directly on Randy's face nearly scratching his eyes before managing to get his hat.

Just hand the security guys machete's and let then start swinging like they're hacking through the jungle. After 3-4 events at most you won't see any more arms anywhere in the walkway.

lol @ people who think someone is going to get poked in the eye that hard from this.

Sagiv Lapkin -  Ramp.


McBottery - lol @ people who think someone is going to get poked in the eye that hard from this.

It's very reasonable to think that a fighter could get an eye poked and it doesn't take much force at all to affect someones vision for several minutes

bring back the runway!

I love RAMP!

McBottery - lol @ people who think someone is going to get poked in the eye that hard from this.

My uncle is 85% blind in one eye from what was a pretty mild poke

Fingers have nails on them, you know.

The Ramp should have never been taken away.

Nothing will be done until it's too late, and some overzealous fan reaches out for a hat - but pulls back a head.