Fighter Stats Besides Sherdog?

Are there any other websites besides that have updated stats on mma fighters? Specifically, fighters from smaller promotions? I know sherdog is excellent, but I thought I remembered someone posting about a similar site with updated stats.

LOL @ Redneck. Damn, that shit is old.

Uhhh... right. I'll let you take credit for it.

The fcfighter one is so comprehensive! Hell, I'm even on there! I didn't think anyone would bother putting up my sad stats. I like how you can search by event of you want. A very thorough chronicle of ass-kicking. Thanks guys!

there is the adcc one but its not that good

No doubt about it. is da $hit for accurate stats. Mike Neva is the man!!!!!!!!!!!

FCF is the best but sadly even they are incomplete

No doubt about it. is da $hit for accurate stats.

Not necessarily. Here are a few of the mistakes they have:

Listing Naoyuki Kotani's Shoot Boxing fight under his MMA record. It wasn't an MMA fight. There was a recent interview with Kotani posted on ADCC where the interviewer (I think it was Mike Sloan) obviously used FCF's database for Kotani's record, listing it as 14-3-2. This is not correct. It is 14-2-2. Shoot Boxing is NOT MMA.

J-Taro Takita is listed as defeating Hideo Tokoro. In actuality, Tokoro won the fight.

They also list Tokoro's amateur Pancrase fight against Shida as a pro fight.

Tomonori Ohara is listed as defeating Yasuyuki Tokuoka. In actuality, Tokuoka won the fight.

These are just a few of the mistakes I can think of off the top of my head.

then do an "att: mike neva" thread and he'll make the changes. he posts here as "bustamonte fan"

So, can I change my current 0-1-0 to, say, 17-0-0? Just kidding!