Fighter Union Question

I hate myself for asking another union question since this board is filled with them?
How would a fighters Union work?
What would it look like and would it span all mma organizations or just the UFC?

I just don't see how it's plausible to span all Orgs, but that's why I gotta ask. Someone who is knowledgable may be able to answer. Phone Post 3.0

Is it even possible for it to have pay minimums spanning across all organizations?
Would bellator or wsof even be willing to pony up that kind of cash? Phone Post 3.0

No, minimum payments will only apply to the UFC. If any other organisation was forced to match the UFC they would go out of business.

Zuffa is bad for the sport!

(As a registered UFC shill, I was paid $6.05 for this post)

Those motherfuckers still haven't sent me a cheque. Phone Post 3.0

The union would only cover ufc fighters. Union would negotiate percentage of revenue. Union would then create pay schedule probably similar to reebok pay schedule. Problem is revenue in mma isn't stable. And that is why this wouldn't work. Maybe there is a different way of doing it. Phone Post 3.0

There's no guarantee that the union would simply negotiate percentage of revenue. It may be minimum pay, performance escalation pay, % of revenue or any and all combos. Phone Post 3.0