Fighter uses ring rope to finish triangle

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                                Fighter uses ring rope to finish triangle

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                    <p>Most modern MMA promotions utilize an cage to avoid issues that ropes can cause like the fighters getting tangled in them or falling out. The guys at <a href="" target="_blank">Ground and Pound TV</a> bring us this awesome video of another reason that most fights aren&#39;t held in rings anymore as one opponent uses it to his advantage:</p>

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DalyDentedDecimated'sDome - 

My boxing obsessed (and MMA-averse) friend says MMA should be held in a ring, and ticket sales will increase.  How the hell would that happen?  I asked. He said "you'd see the action better, and you'd get boxing fans to watch."

My friend has some interesting ideas.  drives me crazy. i said "MMA is branded on the cage.  Every training center has installed one, at great expense.  The Octogon is the symbol of what MMA is."

No he said, you'd double viewership if it was replaced with ropes.

* * * *

What other thundering arguments besides this video should i tell my friend to please snap out of his crazy MMA in a ring idea?

So he was a big Pride fan? There is tons of injuries in a ring with ropes...guys have even broke their neck falling out of the ring in MMA fights.  That should be enough for the guy. 

I have reffed in both a lot and reffing in rings is way tougher - guys always flying over under through. Not safe.

Pride never die!

that's street Phone Post 3.0

Sycotik - Pride never die!


This has happened before.

International Vale Tudo Championship in Brazil. It was Ebenezer Braga vs Brandon Lee Hinkle. Braga worked on the triangle for a long time with his leg wrapped around the rope and Hinkle couldn't do much of anything to maneuver. Meanwhile, Mark Coleman spent the whole time screaming at the referee to separate them because it was an unfair advantage. Braga finished the triangle and the win stood.

As for the ring vs cage argument, I actually prefer the ring. It allows for more movement and more action on the ground since fighters have space to maneuver around as opposed to just being crowded up against a fence and having the fight stall out.

But the cage is safer, and that's how the sport is branded and recognized now.

This is where the m-1 design or a updated version of IVC ring with netting would be the solution.

CODELMJVG - This is where the m-1 design or a updated version of IVC ring with netting would be the solution.

No one ever seem to surface this question to have more exposure to these solutions.

he was gonna finish that regardless,ring makes for better fights