Fighter who start off there career with a loss

And are in the ufc or dream

Forrest Griffin

Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch, Rob Emerson (started off 0-4), Drew McFedries, Ross Pearson, Caol Uno, Clay Guida, Sam Stout, Houston Alexander

Surprised noone's mentioned Minowa


Ron Van Clief,and to top it off he was a 17th degree black belt in Clief van do


Matt Serra to Shonie....

^^^ not the first fight of Serra's career.

kikenyoy - Forrest Griffin

He lost that one to Severn, I think.


 I know its not the first fight of his career but patrick cote went 0-4 in the ufc before getting his first win, and later went on to fight for the title i think thats pretty impressive.

Not MMA, but B-Hop lost his first pro fight.

 The fighters listed in this thread really inspire me. Takes a ton of heart to bounce back from a rough start and still make it to the big shows (and in some cases win championships).