Fighter with worst chin

Who do you think the top 5 fighters are with the worst chin?

My opinion is:

1:Evan Tanner

2: Matt Lindland

3: Wes Sims

4: Caol Uno

5: Giant Silva

What do you all think?

Some bizarre names on that list. Uno has been KO'd twice in almost 30 fights. Evan Tanner has been KO'd only 3 times in 30+ fights and took everything Baroni had twice. Evan has the worst reaction to getting hit but he doesn't get KO'd immediately like Sims who certainly belongs on the list. Tito has a pretty poor chin, in that he gets stunned easily but he's only been KO'd once but I think that has more to do with his style because he does a really good job of taking down guys when he's in trouble (like Silva, who should never be on one of these lists again after the Hunt fight).

Ibragim Magamodev

Manny Reyes.

All I know is that I'll never question Vanderlei Silva's chin ever again.

hehe Yeah, that Evan guy is a scrub. :)

owned by the man him self


good luck against terrell

Nice to see Evan on this thread. Good luck against Terrell!

Manny is a good one, those were not hard shots that KO'd him and he was out for a long while.

"hehe Yeah, that Evan guy is a scrub. :)"


Evan is hilarious....

lol @ Evan!! Good luck!!

The guy from Megatons Diaz's,David Dodd's buddy, that was knocked out brutally by Brad Kholer the Ted Williams in the UFC.

Tito Ortiz

Kevin Randellman

As much as I hate to say it, Jens Pulver.

Don't really like to get into these type of debates, but Mike Bourke has been KO'd/TKO'd in 5 of his 15 fights. That includes going down to a pretty week jab by Oyama. Being KO'd in 33% of your fights in not good :(

Mike Bourke, get's ko'd if the wind gusts.

Wes Sims, ko's himself when he sneezes.

Manny Reyes, gets backwardly pimpslapped to a KO.

Bourke def.

Serge, what constitutes a long enough fight. Pete Williams ko'd Roger neff in 4 seconds, Tony Galindo ko'd someone in 6 seconds.

Rumina Sato.

Wouldn't Giant Silva have to be KO'd at least once to even talk about him in a discussion of worst chin? He hasn't even been dropped by a strike.


Mike Bourke, Sean Alvares and Jens Pulver are all good canidates. Shannon Ritch usually quits BEFORE he gets hit, so I don't know if he qualifies or not.