Fighters 6/12 Ft.Wayne, IN

Fighters wanted 06/12 in Ft. Wayne, IN. Show will be at Pierre's in the Marketplace of Canterbury. For information, contact Randy Duhammel at 260-920-0200.

Our 6/17 card is just about full, call me at 317-538-4814 and I can give you some guys who would be interested from Indiana.

I've got a local guy whos got no training but things hes bad ass who wants to fight. Do you require some training at least?

I'll pass the info on to Randy and have him contact you. Some training would be preferable, although it always seems there's some that fight with little or no training/experience. Again, contact Randy at 260-920-0200, as he's the one organizing/promoting.

You can also e-mail any questions to Randy at

This is the first MMA show he's doing on his own, but Randy has been invovled with the MMA scene in Ft.Wayne (Fearless Freestyle Fighting, CombatZone, Dangerzone)since the mid '90's. I, along with my training partners, have competed in alot of local shows, as well as other shows in IN, and have dealt with some promoters you would fight for as well as others you would want to steer clear of, but I would be completely comfortable working with Randy.