Fighters and contacts?

Hey guys, first time making my own thread so forgive my possible ignorance. I've always wondered how a fighter with vision problems would be restricted in the cage. Are fighters who have less than perfect vision without some sort of aid allowed to wear contacts in the cage?

If not, why not? I would think that it could help not only with their vision but also marginally alleviate some damage from eye pokes or retina cuts. Are they required to just go fight without them, obviously handicapping them in the fight, or do most fighters bite the bullet and get their eyes surgically fixed (which costs alot of money most places).

If so, are they required to notify the AC where they're fighting? I would imagine in this situation the AC would allow them to wear contacts, but if they become dislodged from the eye mid-fight its just something they've got to deal with.

Thanks guys, this question has been irking me for awhile considering chances are not every fighter has perfect 20/20 vision. I'd appreciate some good feedback, and sorry if this is a redundant thread thats been discussed before.

Brosé Aldo

People fight with contacts in sometimes and I have never heard anybody informing the comission. Its more attempt at your own risk deal, if it become dislodged it is your problem to deal with during the fight. Unless you are nearly blind its best not to wear them. Sweat and being punched and cause them to become offset and it becomes a pain.

 i believe bas rutten fought with contacts