Fighters and their fictional counterparts

Chael Sonen= Johnny Lawrence(Karate Kid)

Upper middle class jock with a big mouth. You want nothing more than to see him get punked, but the guy he is fighting might be an even bigger punk.

Brock Lesnar=Steve Lattimer (The Program)

Intimidating a-hole with questions regarding past "vitamin" use.

Diego Sanchez=Didymus (Labyrinth)

So scrappy as to approach creepy, but pretty badass despite small frame.

Jon Fitch=Bishop (Aliens)

Way, way, way tougher than you would think just by looking at him. Ability to absorb obscene amount of damage and keep coming after you.

Randy Couture=Walt Kowalski (Gran Torino)

Get off of my lawn!

Ok, UG, your turn...

Big Country = Beverly Hills Ninja

grabs some popcorn and waits for the epicness to begin

 more please

 Phillip Miller= Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects)

Dispached everybody who got in his way, and then like that he was gone.

BJ Penn = Ninja Turtle (All four in one)- Skateboarding + Surfing

 Melvin Manhoef=Rocky Dennis

There's a LOT to like there...but jeepers that one major flaw is a DOOZY!

EveryDayNormalGuy - BJ Penn = Ninja Turtle (All four in one)- Skateboarding + Surfing

 Also, badasses, despite being kinda round.

^Good on their back... No Romo

Yeah Brock needed juice to be big, he grew up such a frail lad

 Matt Hamilton=Francis Soyer (Stripes)

They need to lighten up.

LOL i really want upset or anything

Gotta rewatch stripes havent seen it in decades

 Frank Mir=Starscream

Big ego, big mouth, destined to forever be the # 2 guy.

Slowshot -  Matt Hamilton=Francis Soyer (Stripes)
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They need to lighten up.

Anybody touches my stuff, I'll kill ya. And if you call me Francis, I'll kill ya.

Maybe Francis Soyer = Dana "F" White??

Danny Downes = Butthead (based on looks only)

recently fought Horodecki in WEC

NarlyPersianDude - I actually thought the op's most accurate one was the Clint Randy one.

Genki Sudo could be Jet Li in one of his films

Semmy Schlitt Drago

Rampage Clubber Lang

Melvin Guillard could be the Tupac role from Juice

Brock Lesnar the incredible hulk

Allistair Overeem looks like a character from a mortal combat game

Frank Shamrock reminds me of the Fonz

Dana White reminds me of the coach from blue chips oh

Cung Le reminds me of the big titted bad ass from bloodsport

GSP any Jean claude Van Damme role

Ross Pointon reminds me of a 1930's gangster,

Josh Grispi looks like one of the greasers from the movie Outsiders, what a fucking cool movie

I love these threads. Ry.

me too. well done.

Holy shit, the Mir/Starscream one is magic too...


haha this is a badass thread.

Mir/Starscream is genius.