Fighters BEWARE

 So August 22nd I fought in Northwest Arkansas in a show called PROBATTLE MMA. I fought this gentleman named James Head who owns a 6-1 record now. I beat him via unanimous decision but he is tough and I wish him the best of luck in his career. However the Promoter Matt Couch, I cant really say the same about. He wrote myself and Jamie Varner bum checks that ended up bouncing when we deposited them into the bank. After repeated attempts to get my fight money from this promoter MATT COUCH I've got nothing. So fighters beware, if you fight in this guys show your probably not going to get paid. He strings  you along with bullshit but never delivers. Also the Arkansas Athletic Commission doesn't do their job. They are supposed to get certified funds so the fighters don't get screwed like I have. Not only did they not get the money together they hardly had an appearance at the fight and no reps at the weighins. The scale we used for weighins was an old worn down bathroom scale from like 1982 you can buy at your local target or walmart. Not something you'd use for professional fight weighins. So thanks to this promoter I'm out a bunch of money and so are all the other fighters. The ARKANSAS STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION is run by a bunch of amatuers as is PROBATTLE MMA.

I hardly get on these forums but I feel everyone should know there are d-bags out there that will fuck you over the first chance they get.

TUF Season 3 kid who got beat up with a silly lookin mohawk,

                                                                                                              JESSE FORBES

sux to hear TUF Season 3 kid who got beat up with a silly lookin mohawk. hope you get paid.

 thanks man, me too.

TTT for Jesse Forbes.

You did the right thing coming here, this post could end this scumbags sham and hopefully catch the attention of someone in Arkansas' AC.

 that would be excellent. Thanks for the support!

Send the hounds after this asshole.


TTT for Kid Hercules, Jamie and the rest of the fighters getting their money.

& TTT for Jesse getting a shot at Strikeforce or the UFC where they pay their fighters. He's won 6 of his last seven with 5 first round finishes.

sick Jason on him.

Hope you get it straightened out my friend. What a scumbag. He bounced a check to CB Dollaway but CB kept on his ass till he got his money.  

^^Did CB put him in a Peruvian necktie?

what a sleazebag. he runs a radio show, kings of radio. wonder if anyone can turn up a phone number for him.

 good luck



ahh that sucks dude.. for whatever reason, that name sounds familiar. the situation def does, but I think I remember that name being run into the mud for the same reason. hopefully the win still counts towards your record.

KARMA..... He'll get his.

Funny you mention the win counting on my record. It definitely does, in fact its on there right now. However, either him or commission turned it into this database as a loss for me. I saw it and my management immediately informed the UG of the problem and they fixed it. So you tell me....bogus check, crocked commission...

TTT for Jesse. We'll get you on the radio show and call him out if you want.