Fighters' gym info

I suggest MMA organisations include the gym that a fighter fights out of in their respective introductory credits.

Whilst UFC mentions the town/city that a fighter fights from, it does not specifically mention the gym. Some locations are synonymous with a gym eg Davenport, Iowa = MFS. But Las Vegas or other larger cities have many gyms. T-shirts and patches are not always seen and do not always include such information.

Equally, Cage Rage pre-fight introductions have the fighters say which gym they fight from, but I would like to see an actual credit on the screen.

For one, out of respect to the gyms and trainers that help produce the fighters and maintain the promotions. Secondly, to increase general fan knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, increasing this knowledge can help the smaller/lesser known gyms and prevent a wide distancing between the larger and smaller gyms.

Any thoughts/comments/agreements/disagreements?

i think that would be great, but alot of guys train out of a bunch of places.

"alot of guys train out of a bunch of places"

That is the one problem I can see with the idea. I don't know how "floaters" can be included. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution...

maybe they could have the option to say what gym or not.....

TTT for some more opinions