Fighters holding out for the good of others

Randy claimed it.
Tito claimed it.
Some posters have suggested it was one of Fedor's reasons for not signing a UFC contract.
There were others (but I can't remember specifics anymore).

Citing you want more money/better conditions for yourself because you'd like to improve standards for ALL fighters is grossly misleading. How much money you earn is based on your marketability/success, and all fighters are different.

Sorry, I had to say it.

if you insist on being paid and treated fairly you help all mma fighters because you set a precedent and raise the value of fighters in the sport

not everybody wants to be in slavery to zuffa

That's very noble, but I don't believe it was high on their priority list.

Frank Shamrock...

Nick Diaz.... I like Diaz quote that the UFC is like strip club and the fighters are strippers