fighters in mma, k-1 and adcc?

I,m having a discusion here about which fighters have been fighting in ufc or pride and k-1 and adcc.

I can think of :

Genki Sudo
Venon tiger white
Ivan salavery

Please name some more if you know.


Tom Erikson, Lee Hasdell, Hiroyuki abe


Carlao Barreto

Of course i mean k-1 rules and not just the org.
Didnt know about Barreto

thx keepem comin

I think that's it.

Barreto fought a K-1 Brazil, and lost his only match. I heard he didn't look very good.

I didn't know about Salaverry, I see he got a draw in a K-1 fight.

I remember Erickson knocking Mike Bernardo down in their fight, but he still lost KO1.

I don't know Lee Hasdell.

I don't think anyone has won a match in all three (PRIDE/UFC, K-1, and Abu Dhabi) besides Sudo.


Sudo never won an Abu Dhabi match.


Oops, good call.


So, has it been done?