Fighters in Thailand right now?

I am surprised (but glad) it has not been mentioned but isnt it quite common for thai (aswell as MMA) fighters to go to Thailand and train MT?

Any news regarding fighters/fight gyms affected by the floods in Thailand? Last figure I heard was 58 000 have lost their lives.

Also a major RIP to anyone affected!

I was wondering the same thing.

Jet Li escaped with minor injuries


Ryan Diaz from Team Gibson has been in
Thailand training since December 6th. He
was training in Phuket in the mountains.

When the Tsunami hit the island, Ryan was
out in a boat. He managed to survive but
the other people in the boat behind them
died. It is an experience he will never
forget. We just want him home safely.

Ryan is our hero. Lance Gibson and Ryan
had been planning this trip for years, but
because of business comittments, Lance had
to stay in Canada and Ryan decided to go
on his own. Lance was scheduled to leave
in March.

TTT! This is serious stuff..

anyone know anything about Buakaw?

Damn thats a crazy story about Ryan.

Hope all is well.

Was really good to hear Diaz got out safe... I am supposed to be going to Bangkok to train at Kaewsamrit on January 25, but I gotta email my contacts there to see if disease is an issue, etc.

Such a brutal situation, something that just took everyone there by suprise, unreal.



C-Hamzeh, don't worry, Bangkok is fine, but I would avoid going to Phuket. Sumui is fine also. One of the must beautiful islands in the world, Phi Phi, was just decimated. 2,000 dead. I didn't even know it was big enough to accommodate that many people.

My 14th floor apartment in the center of Bangkok was shaking during the earthquake. I thought it was just a small earth tremor until I turned on CNN. Oh my, the west coast got it bad.

It's hard for me to imagine that I felt an earthquake over 1000km's away. This kind of thing doesn't happen here.

There is a seven year old boy in the hospital where I work. He had been floating out at sea for 24 hours, clinging onto bits of debris and bodies. The bodies where that of his mother and father.

Was Borneo hit? I have been trying to contact a friend of mine there but haven't heard from her.

Phuket and Ko Phi Phi were the major areas to get hurt the most in Thailand.

If you look on a map, it will make more sense as the earthquake happened just west of Sumatra and the tsunamis hit the west coast on Sumatra, and certain western points of Thailand like Phuket, Phi Phi. Borneo is quite safely on the farther east side and totally blocked from the tsunamis by the mainland.

Sri Lanka and south east India was hit the worst I think.

My hopes are with all of them.

my trainer rigel balsamico is in thailand right now training in chiangmai he said that where he is they only felt tremmors but he is still thinking of coming home because of the possible moleria outbreak.... he has a fight in bangkok on feb 2 that is the biggest fight of his life but it may be canceled due to the devastation.

it must seem like world ended in some of those parts.... RIP