Fighters messing it up for Dana..

Fights don't really go Dana's way, LOL.

It was finally time to have Crocop wreak some havoc in the UFC. Oooops, the results were unexpected. Now the UFC fans have gone from unknowing of him to uninterested. What the hell does one do now with the formidable Pride GP champ who used to breathe down Fedor's neck and obliterate anyone who dared to fight him?

Time to have the Liddell-Silva fight after all these years. WTF, Liddell suddenly gets KOd after his long amazing run of wins? Ah well, give him another warm-up fight against a solid opponent before matching him up with Silva. WTF, he loses again? Now how much sense does the dream matchup make?

Bring in the #1 light heavyweight in the world, who even UFC fans think of as a legit badass. Let us give him a good fight with a fellow striker who he can slowly dismantle with his ruthless kickboxing. Who is a good gatekeeper.... Yes, Forrest Griffin! That is a good matchup that will introduce Shogun well to the American audience and after losing Forrest will still be popular as he is popular and will still get fights. Whoooo, what was that? Griffin dominating the champion more and more before choking him the fuck out? Now how impressive does that make Rua look? The world's best light heavyweight loses to a TUFer?

It is not the end of the world for Dana White since his UFC is doing pretty great anyway but I am sure that he grinds his teeth thinking about results not going the perfect way.

In my opinion he should sign Silva vs. Liddell as soon as possible. Chuck is not getting any younger and his career may not get much more spectacular than this. And if Silva loses his warm-up fight too the dream match is even colder. We waited so long, just make it happen already. The magic is gone anyway.

Cro-cop and Shogun clear house in pride and then come to the UFC and get schooled, Rampage on the other hand cant handle anyone there in Pride but owns UFC, hmmmm go figure, it dose make you think if steroids played a bigger part in Pride than you think.

His guys proved to be better, then even he expected.
He is gotta be happy about that.

He might be pissed a bit that he paid good money for Pride tallent, and they are just not very good, but what are you gonna do, they make billions to make up for that.

In the end of the day, he still got winners in His organization, and they are likely to become as popular fighters as the stars they've beaten.

"Rampage on the other hand cant handle anyone there in Pride"

Uh, other than Wanderlai, he did pretty good there.

I remember when Dana called Sakakibara a dumb ass when Wandy lost the fight to Henderson. He was laughing at Sakakibara, and calling him down to any news media that would listen.

lol @ Dana White!

Sakakibara is somewhere right now, smiling. Spending the millions that the Fertitta's coughed up to buy out his group of B level fighters.

Guess Sakakibara wasn't such a dumb ass after all. @ Dana White. :)

"Sakakibara is somewhere right now, smiling. Spending the millions that the Fertitta's coughed up to buy out his group of B level fighters."

LOL. I didn't know EvilMaster was one of those Pride haters.

Simple fact is: The fight game is unpredictable, and fighters have ups and downs, primes and downfalls.

It is rather idiotic to call fighters like Crocop and Shogun untalented B-level fighters and it suggests you have a short memory.

Still, LOL at Dana White... at Dana White :)

Did you guys see popr Wandy's face at the decision?

the more pride is grinded up the happier dana white is