Fighters needed Ama MT Event Orlando, Oct 17th

Just to let everyone know this is Alister Wilson from ATT making the post. Corey is just letting me use his account.

We are putting on an IKF sanctioned Amateur Muay Thai show in Orlando on the 17th. I have had some guys drop out and I am looking for anyone @ 135, 170, and 185 who would be interested in fighting. Send me an email at if your interested.

 TTT for Alister

As of today I am also looking for a heavyweight. If your interested send me an email to

Alister, is this for the fights at Firestone?

I'm confused, since I thought that the fights you were running were the ones at Firestone, but then I met another guy yesterday and it wasn't you.....

There are 2 amateur muay thai events in Orlando on the same day now?


I heard there were two the same day. The one Alister is talking about is at ATT in Longwood.


Well I don't know what the deal is but I had gotten it touch with you a while back seeing if any of your guys were interested in fighting. Our event was at the ATT Longwood location.

Apparently Mark Kerns had a similar idea for the same date and got together with the Jungle to organize. I was a little surprised myself when I stopped in there a couple of weeks back and Mike Lee and I had a weird conversation until we both worked out it was different events we were talking about. I hope it was everyone got a little confused about events. You have always been a good guy to me so I trust it was a mix up.

So yeah there are 2 amateur Muay Thai shows (well yours is international rules) on the same day. I hope we both do well with our respective events. See you around.

Yeah sorry about the mix up as well, I've been in and out of town and it was organized while I was gone. I had just assumed that the events were one and the same, I apologize for that.

I didn't realize muay thai had become so popular around these parts!

 Alister, sorry man, I missed this thread and just made about the other show.  I expressed on there my hope that the show does well so that the Muay Thai scene takes off here in Orlando.  Best of luck to you and your guys on Sat over there.  I too am sorry for the confusion also.

 I followed RODRIBS to this thread....can someone post the rules for the fights at firestone?  Cause we were informed its K-1 rules with no knees and no kicks below the knees, and absolutely no clinch fighting.  Is this so?