Fighters Needed April 29th

Skilled fighters are needed to fight in a 1st class MMA card on April 29th, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For details ask here, or call Peter at (902)-830-9111.


Who are the promoters and how are you going to get it sanctioned??

Is travel being paid?

Skipper: The fights will be sanctioned

Parrishmma: Yes, travel will be paid.

Email me


Or leave an email so I can get in touch with you or should I just call..?

OSW, its best that you probably call Peter directly at (902)-830-9111, or you can email him at

Thanks, I'll do both.

Thanks again!

As a side note, the fights will be in a cage.

I called and left an email. Hope to hear back soon.

Bet it's cold up there.

The weather is good here in April. Dont worry, we dont live in igloos or all play hockey either.

MMA is better than hockey anyways... all the fights.... none of the ice...

Oh, and sorry guys.. its already on a t-shirt.

Damage Incorporated Fight Team
"Pain is our business"

Location : Indianapolis, Indiana

Gym : Modern Gladiator Gym (state of the art)

Fighters : Chris Lytle 6x UFC Vet, 170
Jake O'Brien 4-0, 205
Jesse Chilton 7-1, 170
Johnny Rees 3-0, 185
Tom Kirk 19-12-1, 155
Chris Price 3-0, 185
Jeremy Bolt 23-9, 125-135
Paul Adams 3-0, 155
Devion Peterson 6-2, 185

Just a few of our guys who may be interested

Scott McCorkle

or call Keith @ 317-345-1316

Keith, either Peter or I will be contacing you.

155-170 DAVE GARDNER 8-3 sent Peter bio!

Peter-please email or call me at or 317-858-0164. I have fighters from beginners to UFC,K-1 vets. Thanks-Camp