Fighters Needed Aug 11th in ATL

Still looking for 135 Pro, 170 Pro and 205 Pro.

If interested call 404-315-7235 or email

Brett Moses


This is going to be a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Is your name a knock on Tank? What's the meaning behind it?"

LOL... Brett is bald with a goatee. Just an inside joke.




TTT for the best show and promotor around!


I'm ready to fight at 205, as I'd like to stay busy.

You've got mail!!!


B, I didn't even know about this show til I read this (haven't seen a thread on it here at all), the 11th would be much better than September 8th from what you told me, so that's cool.

Get Southworth please!

Bret, I tried sending you an email. Came back undeliverable..... Jay Ireland,

What does the card look like?

Bring in Bobby, Brett! We want to see him fight here in the Aye Tee Ell! Oh Yeah!


Jay, you've got mail.  This is a smaller show that has already grown larger than anticipated as you will see when I release the card this weekend, so Bobby may be too expensive this go round.

As for "not tank", in the early days of UFC people used to mistake me for Tank.  I don't think we look that much alike but many thought we did.  Thus "not tank". 




Here's to hopin for the future then. It would be a real treat for local fans to see fighters like Southworth here in Atlanta.

Who is the 170?