Fighters needed- Duneland Classic

Justin and I are still looking to fill a few spots for our June 17th show in Portage, IN. All bouts are pro, with a purse and two nights hotel, though we don't have the budget to fly anyone in at this point. Card is still relatively open, I'll list some of the weight classes we still need.

Looking for a fairly solid 185lber and heavyweight.

Looking for an entry level pro at 205, 170, and 155lbs.

Drop me a line if your interested.

Keith Wisniewski
(219) 840-6998

Do people get you confused with former New York Yankee prospect Mike Wishnevski?

Nah people know him as one of the best fighters to come out of respect him and his show dammit.


SleepItOff: I believe I know who you're talking about, but we're of no relation and I'm a bit young for any confusion.

Thanks Herc.

TTT for Duneland!


chili cookoff this saturday

hey keith, you should ask the tall guy to fight (or he should just stop being a pussy and contact you)either way, we will all be there. good times

i know you guys will be busy, but you will be invited to the festivities afterwards

Andy~ I think I know the tall guy you are refering to, but I'm not positive.

You should party out here after the show, we do it right after a Duneland Classic. Hell, someone's still in prison from our first show's post fight party.


"Hell, someone's still in prison from our first show's post fight party".


Hey Keith i sent you a email with my new addy for my dvd. So if you can hit me back at and let me know you got it I will be waiting by the mailbox for it.I would like to see my fight and the last one with burch too.

thanks Chad

Keith its Chris Higi here let me know who you got @ 155# I dont know if i could fight that soon but Id like to come up and fight in your show sometime...

email me



Heavyweight-Jeremy Morrison is looking for fights.
205 or 185 Brandon Utley.


pylip219- I'd like to get Brandon on the card. I don't have Patrick's number here at work, if you have Patrick's or Brandon's numbers could you forward them to me.

Keith Wisniewski