Fighters needed for Denver show.

This is extremely short notice but a couple of guys pulled out of tomorrow's "Proving Ground I" show here in the Denver area.

A friend of a friend is one of the promoters and he called me out of desperation. I figured the UG was the best shot for success at this short notice.

They need amateur fighters, 155lbs or less, to fight either MMA or Kickboxing. If any of you are interested call Aaron at (303) 725-2025 for more details.

Aaron's a good guy and a huge fight fan (MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, etc) who is trying to establish a regular schedule of fight cards in the Denver area. This is his second show in the last few months (first one was a boxing card).

This is a good chance to get yourself some exposure.

Tell him that Chad referrered you if/when you call. Thanks for any help you'll all give me in keeping this ttt'ed everyone else.

Hopefully, I'll meet some of you there tomorrow.



different show.. this is the amateur show at the Castle.