Fighters Needed for Jan. 27 show

Combat Zone MMA presents "CAGEMASTERS"
National Guard Armory in Manchester, NH on January 27, 2007. Taking information from fighters in all weight classes. Email me the following info: Name, Team, Pro Record, Weight, Height, Experience and contact email addy and phone #.

Confirmed Fights:
1. Woody Weatherby - (Team Woo-MFS) vs. Justin Hammerstrum (Team Tengu) For the 175# Super Light-Heavyweight Combat Zone Title Belt

  1. Barbara Woo (Team Woo-MFS) 125# vs. Sabrina Meserve (Seacoast Boxing) 130#

****** NH's First Women's MMA Fight! ******

  1. John Champa (Blazing Sun) 225# vs. Chris Adams (Combative Tactics Academy) 255#

  2. Rich Moskowitz (Santos) 165# vs. Mike Maldanado (KO Fitness) 165#

  3. Bobby McAndrews (IMDC) 155# vs. Dyrell Walker (K-9)155# (IMDC needs to confirm)

  4. Chris Plourde (NEAMA) 170# vs. Robert Hart (Goguen Ryu) 170#

  5. Ben Manseau (Team Woo-MFS) 140# vs. Dan Bonnell (Dragon Warrior) 140#

  6. Nick Zimmermann (Immortal)145# vs. Justin Homsey (renzo)149#

  7. Zachary Scherr (Tim Burrill BJJ) 155# vs. Glen Brown (Team Tengu) 155#

  8. Dan Pasquarella (Team Woo-MFS) 202# vs. Mark Hoxie (Shikaku Ryu JJ) 205#

  9. Randy Smith (Bombsquad) 245# vs. Shane McClure (Combative Tactics Academy) 305#

  10. JP Cristini (Savage)170# vs. Dale Hartt (Irish)170#

  11. Colby Brown (Irish)155# vs. Corey Peterson (CMFC)155#

  12. Damien Trites (Boston BJJ/Sit Yod Tong)170# vs. Brendan Hoxie (Shikaku Ryu JJ) 170#

  13. Steve Stulpin (Animal Fight Club) 155# vs. Anthony Leate (Aggression) 155#


It would help if you listed the weights of the fighters listed.

The night after Untamed?...busy weekend



ttt - looking for local fighters from NH.



Hey I emailed you about fighting I dont no if you got it or not because half the time my email's dont send...Hit me up I fight at 170
Chris "The Grinch" Reedy


I'd like to see one of the Mark or Tom Giove fight either Bonnell or Felix

Bobby McAndrews vs. a guy who won't take it to the ground would be interesting

It'd be great to see a Corey Peterson/Chris Grandmaison rematch, the last fight was exciting

Lastly, I'd like to see DIEKMAN fight 15 Midgets w/ sticks to the death

Still need a bunch of 170-175 #ers. Someone step up.


you got mail, let me no if we can work that out


MacAndrews hits fucking hard...not sure who would want to stand with him....maybe Dyrell Walker? That could be cool

that's a great idea - Bob Pupa would be great too