Fighters needed for possible AFL/Bullet GA event

If approved on Tuesday, there will be a very big event coming to Atlanta in Late May. We need 2 very experienced 155lb fighters as well as a 195-205lb. These 3 must have extensive PRO backgrounds all with an even or winning record.  We could also possibly use a good young Pro heavyweight with 3-4 fights, and an even or winning record. Within driving distance of Atlanta preferred, but others will be considered.

  If interested, get in touch. -Tony Metcalfe




I have a 205lbs Pro, that is 11-2.

Let get him on this card!!!

Call me this week.

- Dustin Ware

I will be in touch bro..

tmet, I'm guessing that Junior, Raphy, and Diego have all been contacted but just in case I thought I'd throw that out there.


CJJ, I have a feeling that Jr, and Diego will be a huge part of this event!! Junior., Just got your message, and will be in touch in the next few days..

Metcalf get me on this card.


D Jones,
We would love to have you on this card, I will email you some possible opponents.

hey TM-
sorry you couldn't make it to the USMC event--
I just emailed you a guy that has a few guys ready to go--i was going to use them in the CampLejeune event but i just got their info a little too late. he said ATL was good--his name is jeff. Good Luck-- Have fun! ~M

I hated missing VooDoo in action, though it was only 48 seconds of action. I was sick all week, but won't miss the next one..

ttt Hope we can get some of my guys on the card!!

TTT tony when you ganna return my call? LOL



junior, can u be on this card or are u tied in with the AFL?

i just sent you an email!


 TTT for Tony and Crew!!!