Fighters needed (Indiana in April)


Anyone interested fighting in Indianapolis, please contact me at

Card is wide open right now, as we are still in the planning stages. Date is tenatively the first Saturday in April.

Help us give the sport a much needed push in our area!

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Is travel covered?  How many fights on the card?  Hotel average costs, if not covered, etc...

email me at:

April may be a little early but I'd like to talk to you.


Drop me a line I may have a guy or two that can fight for you.


Shooting for 12 fights on the card.

We cover the rooms.

Dropping you guys a line now though.

Thanks for the mail... you've got one back!


Drop me a line, I'd like to get some Duneland guys on the card.

Keith Wisniewski
(219) 762-6998

Gotcha Keith,, thanks!

hit me up!!


shoot me the details---
thanks ,Jason

It IS possible Jed, what does he weigh? What other experience does he have?

Shoot me the details at

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if you are looking for pros I know we have some guys from dave strassers freestyle academy who would be interested. E-mail pat o'malley at

whats the rules and weightclasses?

Weight Classes:

Lightweight: 140 & Below - 63.63 kg & Below

Welterweight: 140.1 - 155 lbs. - 63.64 - 70.45 kg.

Light Middleweight: 155.1 - 170 lbs. - 70.46 - 77.27 kg.

Middleweight: 170.1 - 185 lbs. - 77.28 - 84.09 kg.

Light Heavyweight: 185.1 - 200 lbs. - 84.10 - 90.90 kg.

Heavyweight: 200.1 - 220 lbs. 90.91 - 100 kg.

Super Heavyweight: 220.1 lbs. & UP - 100.1 kg & UP.

Illegal techniques:


Eye-Gouging (including with chin or forehead)

Pulling, pushing on opponent's face.

Kicks and Knees TO THE HEAD & NECK to a fighter who is "on the ground". (when the fighter kicked is not in a "2-point position", standing or crouching on his feet).

Fish hooks (to the eyes, nose, ear, or mouth)

Hair pulling.

Groin strikes.

Small joint manipulation (finger and toe locks)

No fingertip or knuckle gouging to the face or any part of the body (including into the throat)

No strikes to the: throat, groin, spine.

No fingertip strikes or rakes.

Lifting, pushing, throwing, or otherwise forcing an opponent over the cage.

Two handed chokes applied directly to the throat and/or windpipe.

No downward or "spiking" elbow strikes.

do you think indianpolis is going to allow this fight to happen???
i dont when i lived there they were banning any and every thing related to mma its to burtal according to them...
good luck and let me know if they allow it to happen.

No, it's not banned,,, It is banned in Carmel (a suburb of Indy). Apparently someone went in there a while back and billed it as a "blood, babes, and booze" type thing. Not too smart.

There are several guys around doing MMA events here, but "as far as I know" we are the only ones using a cage.

If someone were to raise a stink, I'm fully prepared to battle with City Hall.