Fighters needed SE event

Fighters needed for March 6th card in Valdosta, GA!

This card will feature MMA and full contact kickboxing for men, women, and teens. If you would be interested in participating please contact us at or call 229-821-0123 ask for John.

A daytime tournament that date will include a light contact kickboxing and submission tournament.

Where exactly is Valdosa?

South Central part of GA. On I-75 about 20 miles north of the FL line.


Whew! That would be a tough drive. We're in N. Middle Tn.




too far for me to compete unless you pay travel expences. in any case, hope the event goes well. ttt

btw, James.... i emailed you back and came back to me as undelivered. did you change your email?

James I might have a couple AMs for you.

Adam Singer,

Great! Please email our matchmaker at your guys stats.

Adam Salas,

Did you send it to

thanks guys




i had a different email. i'll change it to the one you just posted. also, what do you think about flying guys out there? or maybe just me, coz i'm so fuckin special. haha. i'm lookin to hand someone their ass, and i should be ready around that time. let me know what you think.

Adam Salas

Unfortunately, the small venue we use limits our seating so that we wouldn't have the budget for expensive travel including airfare.

hopefully ill be there......

im on boys come and see a big mofo take another big mofo to school

John, get in touch with us in New Orleans, we have fighters , how far is Valdosta from New Orleans?
Joe Ancona 504-888-6451 e-mail