Fighter's notebook on dvd

I'm curious why this doesn't get more attention on this forum.For years we have read the notebook ad naseum until we know it by heart and now we have new material to work with in a live action format and noone has acknowledged it yet.

What gives?I advise everyone to check it out when given the chance

Hmmmm... yeah I'll have to see if a buddy of mine will hook me up. I'm just a poor college student though. I cant afford a DVD player...*sighs*

nice to see you can make it to your computer but you can't drag your lazy ass to class

Hell I never knew it was out! I would love to check it out.

twinstealth u can get dvd player for like 30 bucks at walmart lol

He doesn't have 30 bucks,trust me

Hey Miller,

Twinstealth's gym fees will now be on you. If not, don't worry about what he can and cannot do.

I've always let him train for free anyways so it's nothing new.He's a young kid and trying to put himself through school and doesn't train full time so i don't charge him the same monthly fee that everyoen else gets.The only thing I've ever charged him was 10% of the fights I got for him which of course went back into the gym


I didn't know it was available on DVD. Too fucking cool. Why didn't I know about this when I was liquid. Too broke right now, but it is now at the top of my wish list.