Fighters Pay on the Sat. PPV

According to the Wash Times, Bernard made 350,000 and Joppy made 125,000. Rahman made 300,000 and Ruiz made 200,000. Anyone seen what Mayorga and Spinks got along with the other 2 fights that were televised?

Keep in mind that Winky Wright got 600,000 on the Roy tarver undercard and this card was no more expensive than saturday night.

wow, that payday for Bernard SUCKS.

This ppv was actually more expensive than the rjj ppv....

it was 60 bucks in canada...

Joe Ray has caught the correct.

So in 2 of the 3 biggest fights of the night including the main event, the total pay for all 4 guys was barely over 900,000. Why exactly then was it a 50.00 PPV?


Don King was looking to line his pockets in a big way as a Christmas present to himself.

That is exactly the point. What a crock. Just another show in which DK fucks every fighter on the card.

How many PPV's do you really think he sold?

DK predicted 1 million. If he sells about 30,000 he will make a profit. He is paying these guys dirt. It is truly sad. HBO was in on this as well so they also should be criticized.

no way this gets anywhere near 1M....i'd think 250K maybe....

he wouldn't make profit off that low, but i'm guessing you're just exagerating to make a point...

but what exactly is so sad about DK making the millions?

Don't cry for Bernard, he brought all of this on himself.

DK can only rip you off if you let him.

Molson 30k at 50 bucks pays all the fighters at this minimum wage type of pay. He has the live gate and concession etc and it makes money. If he gets 250,000, my guess is that DK will make 8 to 10 million at least. I am not sure what HBO PPV gets out of it. That is great for King but what about the fighters? Joppy will be lucky to even know who he is in a few years. Tarver Roy only got about 250K buys and between Roy, Tarver and Winky the salaries were almost 8 million and it made money. Just do the math.

I am unsure about HBO and PPV as well but i'd assume they get a pretty large chunk of the sales....the venue would get a chunk of the tix and consessions and i'm sure DK makes a few mill on it but how many events does he have per yr? If he has 6, he has the right to make 2M per card. He is one of the top promoters love him or hate him and puts the entire thing together taht allows the fighters to collect a paycheque...

Promoting i'd assume is no different than any other business. the top guys make by far the most money but imo they deserve it because they are responsible for putting it all together. It sux that fighters put their own physical being on the line to make the lesser amounts of money but they knew that when choosing this profession. DK knew where the real money was when he chose his profession.

"30k at 50 bucks pays all the fighters at this minimum wage type of pay. He has the live gate and concession etc and it makes money. If he gets 250,000, my guess is that DK will make 8 to 10 million at least. I am not sure what HBO PPV gets out of it"

DK will get around 40-42% of PPV revenues. 50-51% off the top goes to the cable or satellite companies, and HBO will get 7.5-8 % for distributing it. Don still has to pay the rest of the fighters on the card, advertising costs, transportation for fighters and their cornermen, insurance, etc. If the fight does around 100,000 buys DK will clear about $1.8 million(from which he will have to pay all the fighters on the card). Other sources of income for him are closed circuit, foreign tv rights, merch, site fee, and a % of the gate.

Depending on the buy rate, King will make a nice chunk of change-something he has earned as he worked really hard promoting this show.

Rogie carl King is Mayorga's "manager" and i am sure he manages others on the card. DK will take about 50% from then right off the top. His site fee I am sure will be more than enough to pay all expenses where the fighters are concerned.

Enough on DK at this point but I must admit I had no idea that the cable guys got that much of the take. I also have noi problem with him making money either. He put up the cash so he deserves to profit. I do think he has grossly underpaid most of the fighters however, especially Hopkins but that is another subject. My prediction of 8 to 10 million on 250,000 buys sounds low based on what Rogie posted and I have no reason to doubt what Rogie is saying about the %'s.

Rogie do you know why HBO announcers did not call this fight?

I also read an article today that Teddy Atlas is the leading candidate to take Foreman's spot at HBO. Roy Jones is also a candidate but HBO is supposedly just sick of Roy and think he is just too unprofessional for the job. They say he is always late, may not show, moody etc. Manny Stewrad who i really like is also a candidate but the article says they like him as he is more on a fill in type basis. I am not sure if I like atlas or not. He is a stand up guy and all but sometimes he gets on my nerves. I have to think about that more before I have an opinion. With ESPN's new stance on boxing, their shows may dwindle away.

Bernard Hopkins has a ton of cash....I have read that he is very good with his money and that he has even put enough money away for his unborn grandkids to live well....

I think the absence of HBO's announcing team is because they were only doing the distributing. Some of Arum's Latino oriented shows have had different announcers than Merchant, Foreman, and Lampley. IMO Teddy Atlas gives good insights into the action, but has a tendency to repeat himself over and over.

ESPN's bungling of Friday Night Fights is something I would love to see exposed. We all know about the inconsistent time slots, frequent mismatches, etc. What many people do not know(and has been reported by guys like Steve Kim and Pedro Fernandez) is that there was some cronyism going on.

Rogie I would guess that HBO's crew would not be too great for a latino fight card just based on Language alone. I am not criticizing that they were not there only wondering. I always like Barry Tompkins. He was HBO's #1 guy for a while and called the ray Leonard Marvin hagler fight and the Rocky Balboa Ivan Drago fight in Moscow.

I agree with you on ESPN. I would like to know as well.

I have always thought that ESPN should do a weekly boxing news show. There is more than enough news in boxing to support it and i have to admit i hated having to wait for some club level mismatch to end to listen to what brian and max had to say. Do corruptuion issues, potential fights, old generation vs new generation themes etc and I know people would watch. The fluctuating start times is very bad for any sort of TV shows.

I like Teddy also but I think he can be too critical at times and it gives negative vibes.