Fighters reflect on fave family xmas tradition

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                                Fighters reflect on fave family xmas tradition

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                    <p>Fighters reflect back on Christmases past - favorite Holiday tradition or gift?</p>

Nick Newell
Definitely my Ghostbusters proton pack and ghost trap was #1. My Ninja Turtles Michelangelo NunChucks, Karate Fighters & N64 were next. Oh also, my green plastic turtle sandbox.

Mitch Clarke
Favorite holiday tradition was eating Lutefisk, as traditional Swedish dish consisting of boiled cod and lye. Everyone hates it, but we all eat it to put a smile on my Swedish grandmothers face. Have a merry christmas.

King Mo
I got a transformer from Salvation Army

Mike Swick
I got ‘The Karate Kid’ on VHS. Changed my life.

Gilbert Melendez

Ben Askren
Sneaking into the hiding place and opening presents without my parents knowing.

Jeremy Stephens
Blow up punching bag!

Michael Chandler
I got a deer rifle, a 35mm for Christmas when I was 16 from my parents.

Ulysses Gomez
Eating tamales on Xmas.

Josh Barnett
Elf hunting.

Firas Zahabi
My favorite holiday tradition? Forcing my fighters to train on Christmas Eve/day. Watching there faces as I give extra rounds.

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What was your favorite family holiday tradition?

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