fighters should be forced to engage sitting opnts

If a downed/sitting fighter is chasing his opponent from the ground, why should his opponent be allowed to run away?

You aren't allowed to run away and avoid contact in the standing phase. Running away from an opponent over whom you have advantaged position should be a foul as well.

The standing fighter should be forced to engage the downed fighter, unless the downed fighter is clearly stalling. In that case the referee should be able to return the fight to the feet. But if the downed fighter is the aggressor and is literally chasing, the ref must tell the standing fighter to engage. The criteria should be aggression vs passivity in determining who has to engage where.



Don't think this is trolling. and I agree.

Uhm, not fishing or trolling. If you know anything about fighting, you'd know being a downed opponent is positionally disadvantaged in general. In grappling tournaments, you're not allowed to run away from a sitting opponent, you get docked points.

In MMA, in the standing phase, you're not allowed to run away from a fighter chasing you (avoiding contact). So if a fighter is chasing you off his ass, why should you be allowed to run away then?

lol @ forcing someone to engage a downed opponent. If someone wants the fight on the ground they'll have to take it there themselves. Not just put their ass on the mat and force the other guy to attack him.

saerbarnet - lol @ forcing someone to engage a downed opponent. If someone wants the fight on the ground they'll have to take it there themselves. Not just put their ass on the mat and force the other guy to attack him.

You realize you're still allowed to punch a guy's face while hes sitting in butterfly, kinda like the way gilbert did before mario yamaski messed up the "stop and standup". Thats engagement. Nobody said you have to jump into his guard. But you can't run, you should have to engage in an effort to end the fight.

 yes ive heard a few things on this topic, most interesting was this one,

Allow Soccer Kicks and I'll agree.

If you want to take the fight to the ground then you'd better be training your wrestling over butt scooting.

LMAO @ the butt scooting this would create.  Dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.

I was positive you were just fishing for arguments - now I just think you are retarded.

What if both fighters flop to their backs as soon as the fight starts.  Do they then have to approach each other via butt scoot and play footsies? 

There is a giant fundamental difference: If a guy wants it on the ground and his opponent doesn't, he has a way to force it on him by taking him down or pulling guard. If buttscooting is viable "offense" then there is no way for a guy with better stand-up to force the fight to his strong suit. Even if he drags the guy to the cage and walks him up it himself, all the guy needs to do is sit back down as soon as they disengage for the striker to work his boxing and it's right back to a ground fight.

I thought this thread said "fighters should be forced to engage shitting opnts"

As long as the standing fighter can kick you and stomp you in the head

Uchi - Allow Soccer Kicks and I'll agree.

 Agreed, as well as with crazydave.

Actually, I sort of agree even w/o soccer kicks. If a guy scoots at you, you kick the living shit out of his legs.

As Uchi said, you really ought to be able to kick him anywhere (stupid unified rules), but you ought to be able to get the job done kicking his legs/body. 

The standup rule favors strikers...there is no such equitable rule for grapplers.

If a grappler can avoid punches, then the opponent should HAVE to get in his guard.

yep, avoiding a great takedown artist sitting on his butt by walking away is a huge foul, imo

 well, that's idiotic^^.

He shouldnt have to get in his guard, but if he can effectively initiate takedowns by butt scooting, and you're not a good enough kicker to do anything about it, that's YOUR fault.

Thats stupid if fighters were forced to engage downed opponents then every BJJ guy would just drop the ground at the beginning of every fight.

Unbelievable idiocy on this thread. NOBODY is saying that the standing fighter should HAVE to go to the ground to fight the butt-scooting fighter. They're just saying he should have to engage by not fleeing or being "rescued" by the ref. Leg kicks, or punches from standing, would be the ways that most strikers typically engage a downed opponent if they don't want to grapple.

Seriously, if top MMA strikers can't defend against butt scooting opponents (a la Aoki chasing Melendez while butt scooting), then that should be a legitimate strategy for grapplers. Why make a strategy illegal simply because it's effective?

Holy Sh!t seriously your trolling or you need to be a fan of some other sport!!! Please!!