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Fighters sound off on Silva's UFC 112 performance

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                                Fighters sound off on Silva's UFC 112 performance

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 Thanks OP, good stuff.  Who in the UFC isn't living on borrowed time?

Kampmann was 1-2 fights away from a title fight before Paul Daley got the W at 103

 Great commentary...yet everyone in that clip would get beat down... Though Ray Sefo would be interesting.

Good stuff.

Good to see Tyson griffin on there now theres a guy who knows how to finish fights...

stabmasterarson - Good to see Tyson griffin on there now theres a guy who knows how to finish fights...

I always thought he was one of those guys who don't grow facial hair. Weird seeing him with a beard lol

Hilarious watching those dudes talking shit about Silva.


 --Chael Sonnen after last night's fight:  "there's people out there that need (to be) beaten up, and he's (Anderson Silva) one of them. And I have a moral obligation to society to beat him up."

Anderson could murder all those....guys

ron frasier got it right.


lol @ these non champions/never-will-be champions talking about silva like this

Coleko - Tin foil hat because i say people kiss Dana White's butt. Why dont you learn what these dweeby terms mean before using them, NOOB.

Post the video of you bashing your boss and let us know how that works out. Otherwise stfu. Some people were unhappy with how the fight played out, its not surprising that fighters might have the same opinion.

 TTTyson fn griffin!

I'm getting really tired of the bitching.

Silva dominated and did so within the constraints of the rules of MMA.

In no other sport to you see so much over the top dissatisfaction with a winning performance in a top level contest.  you don't like Anderson's style, don't fight him, or beat him. 

<blockquote>stabmasterarson - Good to see Tyson griffin on there now theres a guy who knows how to finish fights...</blockquote><br />Yeah, but you never seen him run away either. How many snooze fests has Tyson been involved in? None. Win or lose, Griffin always puts on a show.

More like a bunch of fighters who would all lose to Anderson, weigh in on the fight.

Some members here seem to think that commenting on Anderson Silva's odd performance in his last fight can't be done because he's just too good. 


Good opinions. They give him his respect but it's fair to say that Silva did make himself look stupid.