Fighters talk about Dynamite (vid)

Yo check it out.  Cool vid shot at Dynamite!!USA

Gina Carano, Mayhem, Jake Shields, Krazy Horse, Villasenor and more weigh-in at & moments after the Dynamite!!USA show.

Bananas with the confettii.

& LMAO at Krazy Horse.  That was very strange...

Gina training with Courture and the boys...

Uh-oh all the ladies in the MMA watch out...Gawd shes so hot

Yeah, she looked great at the show.  Very naturally pretty.

If find it interesting that Xtreme Couture will be her third gym in the past year.  First with Kit Cope, then Xyience, now Xtreme Couture.



You can't blame her for wanting to get away from Kit Cope.