Fighters that didn't make it?

I know that most of the guys that were selected for "The Ultimate Fighter" are unknowns. In fact, Bobby Southworth and Forrest Griffin are the only two that I knew anything about until I checked out the website.

What I'd like to know is this: Who were some of the guys who didn't make it? Also, how many guys tried out?

Nathan Quarry, and Chris Leben are FANTASTIC fighters.

Diego Sanchez is one of the most tallented fighters in the world, and he's only 22. Remember his name cause reguardless of the outcome of this show, Diego will be a UFC champ before long.

Yeah, I know that most of them have some pro experience. I also know that very few forum members are familiar with all or even most of these fighters. Anyways, do you know of any specific fighters who were turned down?

I've heard of Leben, but I don't remember where.

Also, I should probably clarify things. I'm not suggesting that the fighters chosen were undeserving, I'm just saying that they're not well known (being on the show will certainly fix that).

Finally, all I really want to know is whether any notable fighters were rejected, and if so, who were they?


I saw that thread. Plenty of responses, but few (if any) actual names of the guys who didn't make it.


There some guys on there I never heard of and that looked weak.

the "unknowns" i know nothing about

I think they took some guys on looks and reality show appeal.

One guy is advertised as a chess player, wow, scary.

wreckker, I think the idea is to not only find great fighters, but also to show that these guys are more than meatballs that do nothing but fight. This show is more about exposure for the sport than the actual winners.

We could have taken the best 8 fighters we could find in each bracket, and have each of them seem the same and say, "I have no interesting hobbies, I just train all day". Then it would be like watching any other normal PPV where they do interviews or give a little background information.

This is capitalizing on the Reality show craze, and teaching people about MMA in the process. Its not all about picking the best 8 fighters in the weight clas... its entertainment.